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Event organizers terms

The Contest of as in paintless dent removal. ASPDR 2019 EXSTREME PDR.

Regulations of participation for as.
In May, the 30-31, within the framework of the International specialized automotive exhibition SIA-AutoTechService’2019 in Ukraine will be held an international Contest of as in paintless dent removal, extreme dents removal. Organized by the companies "Premier Expo" and "Piven-Services".
An equal Contest in Ukraine was held in 2016. The key difference from the Contest of 2016 will be the presence of international as and the fact that the dent will be more rigid, it received the name EXSTREME PDR.

Taking-part as must have at least one year work experience!
The number of participants is limited!

Contest stages:


The first day – beginning of the Contest.

  • May, the 30, at 9.00 - 9.30, gathering near the entrance of the exhibition SIA 2019. Address: Ukraine, Kiev, Livoberezhna metro station, International Exhibition Centre, Brovarskyi ave., 15.
  • Receiving badges of the participant and entrance to the venue of the Contest ASPDR 2019
  • Determing participants by the drawing of lots at 9.30
  • Start first round at 10.00
  • The end of the contest’s first day at 19.00

The second day - the finale

  • May, the 31 – beginning of finals at 10:00
  • The final for the best masters of ASPDR 2019
  • Awarding of the Contest winners
  • The end of the competitions at 18:00

First day
1 round: Removal of a sharp dent any modes. Operating time – 60 minutes.
Work will be carried out with the one brand cars’ doors or cowls installed on the stand.

Second day
2 round: Finalists of the competitions. Removal of a difficult dent any modes. Operating time 2-3 hours.
Work will be carried out with the one brand cars’ doors or cowls installed on the stand.

Competitive environment

By the drawing of lots will determine the order of competition participants.
The approximate time of the competition will be notified for each participant depending on an elongated number.
The master has to begin preparation for a competition in 10 minutes before the appointed time.
As soon as the master is ready to work speaks about this judge, and after inclusion of a stopwatch begins work.
The established time is not allowed to make repairs more.
If time to repair is not enough, the operation stops automatically after a time.
If the repair ends early, notify the judge to stop the stopwatch.
Each participant will be repairing the damage indicated his number pulled out in the draw.
Along with one detail only one participant can work.
Participants make repairs using own tools.
Organizers provide 220V tension for devices connection.
There will be no possibility of connection to 12V tension. Think over methods of connection to a lamp in advance.
The participant withdraws from a competition at emergence having pinned also cracking of paint.
Use of drills, emery paper, and the polishing machine is not allowed.
It is authorized to carry out polish of the repaired place by paste and a rag.
It is not allowed to be in a competitions zone to other persons except judges and participants of competitions.
Judges estimate repair on the 100 point system and sum up the results.
Quality, plus the remained time before the end of the set restriction is estimated.
Judges estimate work with the help of lamps of PDR and other methods.
The best masters of the 1st round pass into the second final round.
The final is reached by 5 international participants.
All participants of the 1st round who did not reach the final stop further competitions.
All participants receive commemorative certificates and t-shirts of the Contest.
The finalists are awarded with cups and prizes.

How to take part?
To participate, please complete the registration form in the left corner on the website http://aspdr.com.ua
or write the message with a request to register on participation in the championship in Viber or Whats App
+38 (068) 13 85 100 Oksana.
After filing you will come to the confirmation from our Manager and sent to the payment terms.
The cost of participation in the Contest - 1500 UAH (55$).
After payment at refusal of participation payment does not return.
If necessary the non-resident will be given help at placement in hotel.

All production questions can be agreed by Viber or Whats App
+38 (068) 13 85 100 Oksana Yamkovaya yamkova14@gmail.com
+38 (097) 534 55 49 Igor Piven Piven-Services@bigmir.net

The use of video, photo, audio and media.
Members, their authorized representatives, have the right to use photo-, audio-, videotools.
Not allowed to interfere the masters with the flashes and in other ways.
The received material can be used in private use, the Internet, a seal distribution of audio and video files and other mass media.
The participant of the championship understands and agrees that there will be no compensation neither now nor in the future in connection with implementation of the granted rights. Participant agrees not to take action or motivate others to action presentation ever a copyright on this product.

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